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NCAA Football 2012

    free webinars


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    free webinars

    Post by xGRIDIRONxGURUx on Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:05 am

    every tuesday and wednesday night at 9 EST they run a 2 hour webinar that you can register for and can join in even if youre running behind... here is the link to the live webinars:

    just click on the ones you are interested in register and they will send a reminder to your email...

    thats the main website... but tonight was great villanova OC Brian Flinn covered some of their empty sets 1x4 2x3 and personnel alignments, adjustments, concepts, blocking schemes, and from what i understood the first hour is meat n' potatoes on power point slides... the last hour is Q&A...

    there is live video as they go over their presentations/game film... and then the audio stream over your PC... and you can use a head set or pc mic to take part in the live Q&A...


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