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NCAA Football 2012

    119 Team League/Season


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    119 Team League/Season

    Post by DbGt4226 on Fri May 07, 2010 11:11 pm

    A few folk & myself had a dream! & thats was 2 run 1 season/league w/ all the teams in NCAA -- We tried 2 do this back on Ps2 but could never find enough people 2 fill the league (really couldn't find players willing 2 take the shitty boo boo teams) -- It was a shot in the dark & we had a good following close 2 50 players signed up but it died jus as soon as it started -- we had set it up on leaguedaddy or gamebattles (F***) I cant remember the site -- but I want that dream 2 happen & believe it could happen thru this site! It would draw helly players 2 the site & well it'll B fun!! I know its not gonna happen but damn it would B fun if it did!! every game would really truly count!

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