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NCAA Football 2012

    Saints Madden 2010 PB in NCAA


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    Saints Madden 2010 PB in NCAA

    Post by June6th1944 on Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:39 pm

    If any of you guys have played Madden then you know that the New Orleans PB was one of the top used by many of the top players..I have found it in NCAA..Syracuse..It has gun split offset and a tight formation that mirrors the snugs..It also has singleback snugs and strong close..It has the empty shotgun one too..they are named a little different but if you look youll see its the same thing and it has a wildcat formation..CHk it out..I have scored 30 points a game since i found it mostly cause it was my Madden Pb and most of my plays seem to work on here..

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