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NCAA Football 2012

    Zone Buster Syracuse PB


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    Zone Buster Syracuse PB

    Post by June6th1944 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:29 pm

    OK..So I think that Ive got a play that will bust a zone...especially one with no pressure..

    Shotgun Trey Open PA WR IN...If you are facing zones on certain downs especially 3rd and long dont cancel the playaction...If you are Hot Route the HB to whatever you want...I usually do a curl so he sits down in the zone but its up to you...
    READS-L1...As soon as the QB finishes his PA movement look for this cat as he is in between the CB and the Safety...Bullet the ball in the soft zone and this play can be worth 10-15 yards..If the Safety comes over to L1 look for CIRCLE as he hits the middle of the field( COVER 2 )
    If none of this is open Just dump it to hte HB or take off with the QB...This play is really predicated off of the Two WRs on the right side and as to which ones the DB covers..Hope this helps and remember to try against all coverages to get the timing right...

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