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    DCS with my new BEAST HEISMAN sliders


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    DCS with my new BEAST HEISMAN sliders

    Post by xGRIDIRONxGURUx on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:37 pm

    try out these sliders before you think about playing, they are insanely FAST, with no forgiveness at all, little room for error, but you will be able to run every offense... even the shotgun spread meshes at this speed work correctly... but it takes a LOT of getting used to...

    ive went 1-2 vs CPU with my last tweak using Oregon vs Oregon to test my latest updates to them, and my one victory was because i was able to make a drive to force the tie and went for 2 and barely got in...

    we will use the same concepts of DCS but these sliders will be so tough that i am asking you to test them with D teams in an offline dynasty first to see if you want to play at all...

    -Game Options-

    Skill: Heisman
    Quarter: 8 minutes
    Game Speed: Very Fast
    Min THreshold: 0

    -Game Rules-

    Offsides: 70
    False Start: 70
    Holding: 50
    Facemask: 40
    Off Pass Interference: 70
    Def Pass Interference: 70
    KR/PR Interference: 90
    Clipping: 50
    Intentional Grounding: 100
    Roughing the Passer: 80
    Roughing the Kicker: 85

    Custom AI [Human/CPU]
    QBA: 10/5
    PBL: 60/5
    WRC: 55/40
    RBA: 45/35
    RBL: 55/75
    PCV: 55/65
    DPR: 80/0
    INT: 45/20
    RDF: 50/40
    TCK: 75/40
    FGP: 5/20
    FGA: 20/60
    PUP: 30/30
    PUA: 35/35
    KOP: 30/30


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